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Trustworthy sources of information on Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and infodemic

On February 2nd 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic was accompanied by an equally dangerous 'infodemic', characterized by an over-abundance of information and the rapid dissemination through internet channels of what the WHO refers to as 'myths and rumors' about the disease.

These myths and rumors have terrorized populations worldwide, and have been a major impediment to understanding the pandemic problem and coming up with solutions.

So a couple of weeks ago i began researching and compiling trustworthy sources of information as well as objective and actionable analysis of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

These sources are all gathered here, in order of relevance and importance, starting with doctors who are on the front line of the fight, and then the knowledge authority in the USA on acute respiratory diseases and their spread, Johns Hopkins University.

I refer to these sources any time i am looking to get an objective picture of how the pandemic is progressing, and most importantly, for practical advice on how to avoid catching the virus and what to do if you do get sick.

My hope is that publishing this list of sources will assist you in feeling confident that you're getting information not tainted by profit seeking and political partisanship.


  1. Advice to make sure you don't get the disease, but also that you don't fear the disease so you can continue living your life
    Dr David Price, Weill Cornell Medical Center, Pulmonary and Critical Care
    March 22nd 2020

  2. --

  3. You need to listen to this leading COVID-19 expert from South Korea | ASIAN BOSS
    Dr Kim Woo-Joo, Korea University Guro Hospital, Infectious Diseases
    March 24th 2020
    April 14th 2020
    May 13th 2020

  4. --

  5. 8 steps to surviving Coronavirus COVID-19 while staying at home
    April 3rd 2020

  6. --

  7. Coronavirus Disease 2019 vs. the Flu

  8. --

  9. These updating charts show how the Coronavirus is spreading across the US
    chart: Total confirmed US cases
    chart: New confirmed cases in the US by day
    updated daily

  10. --

  11. NYC Health
    COVID-19: Data
    updated daily

  12. --

  13. Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center
    updated daily

  14. --

  15. Map of Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases
    updated daily

  16. --

  17. Mapping the Coronavirus outbreak across the world
    updated daily

  18. --

  19. These updating charts show how the US Coronavirus outbreak compares to those in other countries
    updated daily

  20. --

  21. U.S. state Coronavirus curves show many could be close behind New York
    chart: Growth in number of people confirmed to have novel Coronavirus by state
    chart: How the US Coronavirus case trajectory compares to other nations
    last updated March 21st 2020

  22. --

  23. Coronavirus Locations: COVID-19 Map by County and State

  24. --

  25. Numbers on COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic
    updated daily

  26. --

  27. New York Forward
    Regional Monitoring Dashboard

  28. --

  29. Guidance for determining whether a business enterprise is subject to a workforce reduction under recent executive orders in New York State

  30. --

  31. Penn Wharton Budget Model

  32. --

  33. Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
    Situation Report - 13
    February 2nd 2020

  34. --

  35. COVID-19: Johns Hopkins University experts discuss pandemic response, social distancing, and more
    March 17th 2020

  36. --

  37. Johns Hopkins experts brief Capitol Hill on Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    March 6th 2020

  38. --

  39. The big lesson from South Korea's Coronavirus response
    April 10th 2020

  40. --

  41. How South Korea reined in the outbreak without shutting everything down
    March 26th 2020

  42. --

  43. Coronavirus: Italy says 1,000 have died but lockdown can work
    March 12th 2020

  44. --

  45. White House adviser to 60 Minutes: "Show me your pandemic story"
    April 12th 2020

  46. --

  47. Spring-breakers express frustration over Coronavirus precautions in Miami
    March 19th 2020

  48. --

Stay informed from trustworthy sources of information.
Good luck.

philip m. shearer


bronx, ny, usa